UTF-8 support

$ autoconf
$ make clean
$ sh configure --enable-utf8
$ make
$ sh test-jagtalk.sh

or you can run:

$ ./jagtalk -C jagtalk.conf

and type “set Text = 123” (enter) “set Speak = NOW” (enter).

You will hear “hyaku niju san”.

  • log files and gtalk-eucjp.dic are still EUC-JP, currently.

PortAudio support

since 2010-12-24


  • USE_PORTAUDIO macro is defined.
  • do_output.c switches using the macro.
  • do_output_portaudio.c is not implemented.


$ autoconf
$ make clean
$ sh configure --enable-utf8 --enable-portaudio --enable-da=no
$ make

Mac (Snow Leopard) support

using unidic-chasen1312_utf8-x64. see galateatalk



currently, audio device is disabled.

$ autoconf $ sh configure –build=i386-apple-freebsd –enable-utf8 –enable-macosx

$ make -f Makefile.MACOSX
$ cat run-chasen-macosx.sh
/opt/local/bin/nkf -wu | /opt/local/bin/chasen -r chasenrc-utf8-macosx -i w | /opt/local/bin/nkf -eu | /usr/local/bin/chaone -s gtalk --encoding EUC-JP | /usr/bin/tee _chasen.log

$ head chasenrc-utf8-macosx
;;  chasenrc for unidic / chaOne
(GRAMMAR /Users/nishimotz/code/unidic-chasen1312_utf8-x64)
(DADIC chadic)

$ cat 00-testcmd
set Text = 1
set SaveWAV = _out.wav
set Run = EXIT
$ echo "123" | ./run-chasen-macosx.sh
  <AP orth="123" pron="イッニサン" aType="3" silence="NON">
    <W2 orth="123" pos="名詞-普通名詞-一般" pron="イッニサン" aType="3" aConType="C3">
      <W1 orth="1" kana="イッ" pron="イッ" pos="名詞-数詞" lForm="イチ" lemma="一" orthBase="1" pronBase="イッ" kanaBase="イッ" formBase="イチ" goshu="漢" iConType="N1" fType="チ促" fForm="促音形" aConType="C3" aType="2"/>
      <W1 orth="2" kana="ニ" pron="ニ" pos="名詞-数詞" lForm="ニ" lemma="二" orthBase="2" pronBase="ニ" kanaBase="ニ" formBase="ニ" goshu="漢" fType="イ長添" fForm="基本形" aConType="C3" aType="1"/>
      <W1 orth="3" kana="サン" pron="サン" pos="名詞-数詞" lForm="サン" lemma="三" orthBase="3" pronBase="サン" kanaBase="サン" formBase="サン" goshu="漢" iConType="N3" aConType="C3" aType="0"/>
$ sh test-jagtalk-macosx.sh
* chasen start.
# of phonemes: 42
rep Run = LIVE

$ ls _out.*
_out.wav        _out.wav.info
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