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 in Japanese: http://​ja.nishimotz.com/​project:​dmcpp in Japanese: http://​ja.nishimotz.com/​project:​dmcpp
 ====== DMCPP ====== ====== DMCPP ======
-dialog manager for [[:​galatea]],​ using lib[[:​julius]] and [[:​opencv]],​ written in C++.+An experimental ​dialog manager for [[http://​sourceforge.jp/​projects/​galatea/​|galatea]], using lib[[http://​sourceforge.jp/​projects/​julius/​|julius]] and [[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​opencvlibrary/​|opencv]], written in C++.
 Source file: http://​github.com/​nishimotz/​dmcpp Source file: http://​github.com/​nishimotz/​dmcpp
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 An experiment which replaces the dialog manager (DM) creaded by galatea-generate by an application written in C++. An experiment which replaces the dialog manager (DM) creaded by galatea-generate by an application written in C++.
-The DM application also handles speech recognition engine [[:​julius]],​ with the same mannar of the Java based [[:dialogstudio]].+The DM application also handles speech recognition engine [[:​julius]],​ with the same mannar of the Java based [[:galatea_dialog_studio]].
 [[:opencv]] face detection is also integrated. [[:opencv]] face detection is also integrated.
-The project is tested with Ubuntu 9.04 and Ubuntu ​10.04 (i386).+The project is tested with Ubuntu 9.0410.04, 10.10 (i386).
 In this project, the character encoding is UTF-8. In this project, the character encoding is UTF-8.
 Japanese speech engines are used, currently. Japanese speech engines are used, currently.
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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 $ sudo aptitude install ruby $ sudo aptitude install ruby
 +$ sudu aptitude install rake
 $ sudo aptitude install freeglut3 $ sudo aptitude install freeglut3
 $ sudo aptitude install openjdk-6-jre $ sudo aptitude install openjdk-6-jre
Line 29: Line 29:
 $ sudo aptitude install ttf-sazanami-gothic $ sudo aptitude install ttf-sazanami-gothic
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +$ sudo aptitude install libasound2-dev
 +$ sudo aptitude install libavcodec52
 +$ sudo aptitude install libavformat52
 sourceforge.jp packages: sourceforge.jp packages:
Line 40: Line 47:
 packages by nishimotz: packages by nishimotz:
   * http://​files.nishimotz.com/​ruby-1.9.2_preview3-2_i386.deb   * http://​files.nishimotz.com/​ruby-1.9.2_preview3-2_i386.deb
     * or http://​files.nishimotz.com/​ruby-1.9.1_p376-1_i386.deb     * or http://​files.nishimotz.com/​ruby-1.9.1_p376-1_i386.deb
-    *  [[:​rake]] ​を使いたいだけで ​[[:​ruby1.9]] ​をいれた。 ​aptitude install rake でもよかったかも +    *  [[:​rake]] ​is required for [[:​ruby1.9]]. "aptitude install rake" is maybe enough for this. 
-  * {{:​julius_4.1.5-2_i386.deb|}} +</​del>​ 
-    * [[:julius]] を見てください+ 
 +  * http://​ja.nishimotz.com/​_media/​julius_4.1.5-2_i386.deb
   * http://​files.nishimotz.com/​opencv-local_2.1.0-1_i386.deb   * http://​files.nishimotz.com/​opencv-local_2.1.0-1_i386.deb
-    * opencv 1.x 系は試していない+    * opencv 1.x is not tested. 
 +An USB camera, working with Linux, is also required. ​
-Linux で認識できる USB カメラをつないでおく必要がある。 +===== compilation and execution ​=====
-===== コンパイルと実行 ​=====+
-git からレポジトリを複製する。+Clone source files using git
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-または ​dmcpp のソースをダウンロードする。 +or download ​dmcpp tar ball. 
-[[http://​github.com/​nishimotz/​dmcpp|github]] ​で右上の ​download source ​をクリックして ​tar を選ぶ。+Visit [[http://​github.com/​nishimotz/​dmcpp|github]] ​and click "download source" and select ​tar.
-nishimotz-dmcpp-ec191ea.tar.gz ​みたいな感じのファイルになる。(末尾の数字はバージョンによって異なる)+nishimotz-dmcpp-ec191ea.tar.gz ​(the revision may be different.)
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-コンパイルして実行。+compile and run:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-make でエラーが出たらどこか失敗している。+If you get error while doing make, something is wrong.
-マイクに「安田講堂」と喋ると「安田講堂ですね」という応答が得られるはず。+Speak "​Yasuda Kodo" to microphone, then the agent will speak "​Yasuda Kodo desu ne."
-===== 音声認識文法 ​=====+===== speech recognition grammar ​=====
-gram.txt ​には「やすだこうどう 安田講堂」のように「読み」「表記」をスペース区切りで列挙。+gram.txt ​contains the lines of Japanese words, 
 +such as "やすだこうどう 安田講堂",  
 +which consists of the pronunciation and desctiption. 
 +Within the make, gram is generated. 
 +The procedure is written in rakefile.rb. 
 +A class within the Java verion of Dialog Studio is invoked.
-make の中で gram の生成が行われるが、この処理は rakefile.rb に書かれており、 
-Java 版 Dialog Studio のクラスが呼び出されている。 
 ===== dm.cpp ===== ===== dm.cpp =====
 http://​github.com/​nishimotz/​dmcpp/​blob/​master/​dm.cpp http://​github.com/​nishimotz/​dmcpp/​blob/​master/​dm.cpp
-main() ​のスレッドで ​stdin を読んで処理する。+In main() ​thread, ​stdin is read and processed.
-julius_worker ​と cv_worker ​と main の3つの関数が +julius_worker(), cv_worker() and main() run simultaneously as the multiple threads.
-構造体 ​thread_info_t ​を使ってスレッド間で変数を共有できるので、 +struct ​thread_info_t ​can be used for sharing information among the thread. 
-これを使って顔検出と音声入力の状態の組み合わせから +It can be used for dialog management.
-==== 音声認識と応答 ​====+==== speech recognition and synthesis ​====
-オウム返しタスク。 +The task is "parrot."
-output_result() コールバックの中で標準出力に ​"to @AM-MCL set Speak = %sですね" ​という文字列を送っている。+
-INTERIM [[:​julius_progout]] は stderr に出力だけして、現在は使っていない。+In the callback function output_result(),​ command such as "to @AM-MCL set Speak = %sですね"​ is send to the AgentManager via stdout.
-julius_worker() は pthread で create & detach されている。+INTERIM [[:​julius_progout]] is just send to stderr, currently.
-workorder_t,​ thread_info_t などはスレッド間の情報のやりとりに使う予定。 +julius_worker() is created and detached using pthread.
-==== 顔検出 ====+
-[[:opencv]] の顔検出を組み合わせてみた。+The use of workorder_t is a future work.
-新たなworkerスレッド ​cv_worker() ​関数にて顔検出のループを回している。+==== face detectiuon ==== 
 +[[:opencv]] based face detection is also integrated experimentally. 
 +The worker ​thread, ​cv_worker(), is running face detecion loop.
 ===== app ===== ===== app =====
-どうやって ​[[:dialogstudio]] の対話マネージャを入れ替えているか。+It replaces ​[[:galatea_dialog_studio]] dialog manager in the following way:
 app/​skel/​am.conf.txt app/​skel/​am.conf.txt
Line 126: Line 139:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-拡張子が ​txt になっているが ​ERB である。 +Although the extention of file is txt, this is ERB.
- +
-$runner_dir は app/​script/​runner で代入されるグローバル変数。+
 +$runner_dir is a global value defined at app/​script/​runner.
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